A FREE-to-visit exhibition, Set to Stun: A Celebration of Sci-Fi Film and Television Design, is planned this autumn by Gunnersbury Park Museum.

Visitors will enjoy a showcase of the costumes, sets, work and imagination that goes into building their favourite sci-fi moments.

For more than a century, West London has been home to a hive of studios and workshops that fed into some of the country’s most iconic sci-fi films and TV shows, like Dr  Who, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Red Dwarf.

To make it happen, the museum is working with Art Fund to launch a month-long crowdfunding campaign through the online platform, Art Happens, to raise £15,000.

This will be one of Gunnersbury’s biggest-ever exhibitions and will building on its previous successful events celebrating everything from Women’s Football to the Acton Top Quilt.

Visitors will be able to get up close to original daleks, cybermen and other well-known villains. The museum is also commissioning a one-off set for visitors to explore, designed by Jeremy Bear, a veteran of the industry who created early Dr Who sets.

Original props, monsters, interactive mirrors, community-curated art, smoke machines and more can be expected.

Prof James Knowles, chair of Gunnersbury Museum and Park Development Trust said: “A donation of any amount would be incredibly helpful. Even £5 will help us rocket off!

“And, to reward our donors’ generosity, we’ve assembled a huge range of exciting gifts. Pick from prints, postcards and even exclusive tours and explosive escape rooms.”