PEOPLE living at Rectory Park, Northolt, now have access to a life-saving defibrillator installed by housing association Network Homes.

The new device is located on an external wall at the community centre in Rectory Park Avenue.

Funding for the defibrillator came from Network Homes’ Charitable Fund.

Defibrillators give a high-energy electric shock to restart the heart of someone who is in cardiac arrest.

Rectory Park resident Gule Hanid will take on the essential role of checking the device every week. Cleaning contractors Pinnacle are paying towards defibrillator training for their cleaners, based at Rectory Park, and other volunteers to help in case of an emergency.

How to use the defibrillator: 

Anyone can use a defibrillator and you don’t need training. Once you turn it on, by just opening it, it will give clear verbal instructions on what to do.

The device checks the heart rhythm and will tell you to shock only if it’s needed. You can't shock someone accidentally.