Date nights are taking a back seat in 2023 amid the cost-of-living crisis, with Brits only heading out once every three weeks, according to new research. 

Despite this, three quarters of Brits say date nights are crucial for keeping the spark alive in a relationship, with good conversation (65%) and food (48%) topping the list of key ingredients for the perfect date night. 

New research from Häagen-Dazs reveal the nation is hungrier for love than ever, with over half of British couples (58%) saying they’d like to go on more date nights to keep the spark alive in their relationship.

In a bid to keep romance alive this summer, luxury ice cream maker, Häagen-Dazs, is collaborating with renowned pastry chef, Pierre Hermé to launch two new macaron-flavoured ice creams, bringing a sense of French romance to couples across the UK.

Ealing Times:   

Dating Expert, Kate Mansfield, said: We all know that food nourishes the body, but love nourishes the soul - a haute cuisine experience, which is crafted to pair flavours, textures and sensations which ignite the palette is the perfect love language for a date night.”

The poll comes after recent studies highlighted a growing ‘Connection Crisis’ across the UK with 55% of couples saying their relationship is ‘on the rocks’ as a direct result of rising financial pressures*, and nearly a quarter of singletons (23%) are stop dating completely amid the cost-of-living crisis.

Mansfield added: “Whether you’re in a relationship or are looking for love - dessert, especially when shared as part of a romantic date-night, is the perfect way into someone's heart.

Ealing Times:

“The shared positive experience of a tantalising taste sensation paves the way for further seduction of the senses with every bite, and enjoying it together helps to create memories and feelings of connectedness which serve to strengthen bonds.

“Just as the perfect recipe requires the right ingredients, love and relationships also require a combination of elements including trust, compassion, and understanding to make them something to be savoured. Much as multi-layered layered desserts leave you craving more, the process of getting to know a significant other should be ongoing as new depths of the relationship are revealed as it evolves and grows.” 

The perfect date night, according to Brits:

Whether it’s a treat for your loved one or a spontaneous weekday activity to boost your oxytocin ‘love hormone’ levels, new research reveals the key ingredients for the perfect date night are good company (65%), delicious food (49%), a romantic location (35%), with a dessert (19%) or sweet treat (16%) proving to be the cherry on top as the grand finale.