EALING’s parks manager says he shares the frustration felt by users of Ealing Central Sports Ground over its condition.

Chris Welsh says the borough is working closely with the England Cricket Board, consultants and contractors to get the round up to scratch as quickly as possible.

He says, in an open letter to concerned users, including Perivale Residents’ Association, says that, in the haste of opening it for the bank holiday weekend, debris had been left on the northern side.

That side of the ground will not be ready for cricket until next summer.

“Now the ground has sufficiently dried up, there will be no need for any future closures, simply some cricket square works to be done at appropriate times of the year,” added Mr Welsh.

“This area is and will remain publicly accessible."

The southern side, however, requires some specialist work to be done around the cricket squares and outfields before it is ready for play.

The specialist contractor coming in to complete the work had been on site twice in recent months, but it was evident it was simply too wet for the vehicles and equipment they use, according to Mr Welsh.

“Once completed and established, we’ll be removing the remaining fencing towards the end of June/early July with the anticipated return of cricket the first weekend of July,” he added.

“I am happy to meet with any interested people, to do a site walk with them to discuss in more detail and answer any further questions.”