When it comes to women's rugby, there is always one vitally important pre-match job: hair braiding.

For Scotland, that all-important role is granted to Jenny Maxwell.

The scrum-half was just one of several injured players who cheered her team on from the stands as they claimed a 29-21 win over Italy in Round 4 of the 2023 TikTok Women's Six Nations.

But despite being injured, Maxwell still had a vital role to play as hairdresser.

A role that captain Rachel Malcolm believed helped instil a level of normality that helped fire Scotland to their first Championship win in 13 games.

"Jenny came in to do our hair before the game," she said.

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"That's obviously something in women's rugby that's very different to men's as we run out before the game.

"Jenny and Elis Martin are our two dedicated braiders.

"I've definitely missed her a lot more on the pitch but we've missed her in that department as a team as well.

"She came in to give us a little bit of normality on game day and help us keep calm.

"This has been one of my hardest years as a sportsperson ever but what's made me proud is how we've stuck together as a squad.

"It shows the character of the squad and how good the individuals we have are.

"As a captain that's all I can ask for."

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Returning to braiding duties, Maxwell was joined on the sidelines by an array of former Scotland internationals and current players unavailable for selection this Championship.

Scotland legend Donna Kennedy was welcomed back to the DAM Health Stadium with open arms by Bryan Easson's squad.

Kennedy, who was the first-ever Scottish rugby player to reach 100 caps for their country, handed out the jerseys prior out to the game in a presentation that left players and staff alike in tears, setting the tone for what was set to be an emotional and historic weekend for Easson's side.

"Having the ex-players and some of our injured players there is important," he said.

"They've been integrated into this squad this Championship and that's who we want to be.

"Donna Kennedy came in and I've spoken before about the fact that the word 'legend' gets thrown around too much these days, but I genuinely introduced her as a 'legend'.

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"115 caps and the most capped player for Scotland Rugby history, she spoke about what the jersey meant to her and the legacy of that.

"With Helen Nelson's 50th cap as well, Donna presented her that jersey and I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

"It just shows how close everybody is.

"Maxwell was obviously in this morning and we had Rhona Lloyd and Emma Wassell round as well."

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