A PETITION was presented by Ealing Central and Acton MP Rupa Huq to the Commons on Monday on behalf of people in South Acton.

It asks the Government to intervene over the treatment of her constituents living at London & Quadrant (L&Q) Group’s Acton Gardens development.  

Residents complain of poor living conditions, like lifts not working, energy and water supplies failing, incomplete repairs and security concerns while facing rising management fees and service charges.  

They also pointed to unrepaired communal damage, resulting in more anti-social behaviour, as well as unanswered CCTV requests from the police leading to criminal cases being closed prematurely.

This, they say, is against a backdrop of a 700% increase in management fees in some cases.  

Constituents say they contacted Dr Huq for following months of failed attempts at getting help from the developer.  

L&Q said today (17) they will work with residents to address their concerns and find solutions to the issues raised.

Speaking in the Commons, Dr Huq said the Acton Gardens development was not even a decade old, but leaseholders were concerned about spiralling service charges while suffering incomplete repairs to communal doors, malfunctioning water and energy supplies and unanswered inquiries.

Paul Davie, an Acton Gardens resident, told the MP: “This whole episode has caused a lot of stress and worry, so the quicker we can find a resolution the better for all.” 

Dr Huq said: “These are private home owners who have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for what they expected to be their dream homes.”

Matt Foreman, Executive Group Director of Customer Services at L&Q, said: “We understand the frustration felt by residents at Acton Gardens and we’re sorry they’re unhappy with the service they’ve received.

“Service charges are included in the terms of residents’ leases and enable us to carry out important maintenance activities around the estate.

“We set ours at the start of each year, and, where applicable, calculate actual costs at the end of the year.

“Management fees form one part of our overall service charge, which also include the costs of other services, such as maintenance activities on the estate.

“According to our information these did not increase by 700%. In 2021/22, total service charges increased by 4.06%, and in 2022/23 by 5.14%.”

On reports of lifts being out of service and secure entrances being damaged, he added: “We carry out monthly inspections of the lifts and have recently brought in a new contractor to help us provide a more efficient maintenance service.

“We know there are a number of doors which have been damaged recently and we apologise to the residents affected."

On the specific complaint about CCTV footage being available, Mr Foreman said: "We have and will continue to cooperate with the police and provide CCTV footage on their request."