SHARED ownership housing schemes in Ealing and Greenford are now sold out, the developer has announced.

A closing out ceremony was held at SO Resi Ealing to mark the finish of the schemes.

Over the past four years, SO Resi Ealing, on the former BHS site in West Ealing, and SO Resi Greenford in Oldfield Lane North have completed 195 flats, all offering shared ownership.

They are particularly aimed at priced-out renters and young families looking to get on to the property ladder in London.

Silvio Fialho de Aliferis, flight attendant and recent home owner at SO Resi Ealing, said: “I had always wanted to move to the capital, but in the last few years I was getting fed up living out of suitcases.

“I realised it was costing me more than £800 a month by the time you added up hotel stays, when I was waiting between flights.

“I was also paying around £8,000 a year storing my furniture and it made no sense to spend all that money without seeing any return on it.

“With property prices sky high, I knew shared ownership was likely to be the best option for me.

“I really believe West Ealing is going to be the next Ealing Broadway, there is so much opening here and I have everything on my doorstep.”

SO Resi is part of Metropolitan Thames Valley, one of the UK’s largest housing associations. /