A NEW sculpture and atrium were officially unveiled and opened at St Benedict’s on Monday (20) to mark the Ealing school’s 120th anniversary.

The reception was attended by students, staff, parents, governors and alumni, and ended a year of commemorative events.

These have included concerts, a sports festival, the planting of 120 trees and a theology conference.

The sculpture was originally designed in clay by St Benedict’s student Jamie Perotti, of Year 10, during art lessons.

He said: “The seven spheres represent the different stages in our school years, with each one getting progressively bigger. This reflects our motto at St Benedict’s, a minimis incipe, which means ‘from the smallest beginnings’.”

Jamie’s design was developed by the Head of Art, Design and Technology, Rod Pereira, and design teacher Mauricio Mendes. It was fabricated in stainless steel by Karim Attoui, of MDM Props.

The atrium was designed by architect Katie Wilmot, a former St Benedict’s student and president of the school’s Old Priorian (alumni) Association.

It stands at the Marchwood Cresent entrance to the school and is a light-filled, wood-panelled hall overlooking landscaped gardens.

Headmaster Andrew Johnson told guests: “Our atrium is a place of welcome – and is therefore an important addition to our Benedictine school, where hospitality is one of our key values.”

The atrium was blessed by the Abbot of St Benedict’s Abbey, Dom Dominic Taylor, and the sculpture was unveiled by chair of governors Joe Berger.