FROM grand estates to hidden private homes designed by award-winning architects, our friends at Winkworths estate agency have been looking into some some of the beautiful architecture that can be found in Ealing and Acton.

Dubbed ‘Queen of the Suburbs’ in 1902 by surveyor Charles Jones, it is clear to see why Ealing's popularity is ever-growing. It’s been the perfect place to lay down your roots in the 19th Century and beyond.

Ealing Town Hall 

To most residents, our town hall is, well, a necessary fixture, but take a step back and it is easily one of the most beautiful places in the borough. Built to be the centre of democracy in the area, it’s no mistake that Gothic was chosen as the primary style. It looks and feels like you’re stepping into a castle. 

It still holds the same function today as it always has - providing a place for people to be heard – in eye-catching surroundings. 

Castlebar Lodge 

Before the railways, Ealing was a small rural village, a world away from the bustling hive of activity we know it today. However, once Ealing Station opened, Victorian Londoners with dreams of life in the countryside chose our borough to build their homes. 

One home, in particular, stands out from the rest. Castlebar Lodge - now Castlebar Hill - earned its reputation as one of West London’s best-known buildings, not due to its size but for the tower and observation deck that allowed the owner uninterrupted views of its surroundings. 

Now split into flats, many people are clamouring to be one of the few to have lived in a home with this unique feature. 

Pitzhanger Manor 

Another gem in Ealing we all know and love. Well over 200 years old and built by and for one of London’s famed architects, Sir John Soane, this stunning example of Regency architecture could be pulled straight out of Austen.  

As time moved on and Sir John found his home in Lincoln's Inn, this country home fell into disrepair and became more of a curiosity than a thing of beauty. That was until 2019 when an ambitious plan to renovate the building was completed and the home was restored to its former glory. 

Until March, you can learn how this unique example of Soane’s work was lovingly restored:

Hoover Building 

As the area grew, the 1920s and 30s Art Deco style took hold in the borough. From our tube stops to the high street, there are countless examples of it. However, none is more famous than the Hoover Building. 

Just one look at this gem and you wouldn’t need to be told when it was built. It oozes the hallmarks of the time and style. At the time, it was referred to as a ‘Modern Palace of Industry’, as it was brighter and followed contemporary building techniques in comparison to other older factories.

As with many older buildings, it was likely to fall into disrepair and be demolished, until an unlikely saviour came to its rescue. Tesco bought the building in 1989 and made a deal to preserve and restore it. 

Gunnersbury Park House

Standing in one of London’s most picturesque green spaces, Gunnersbury Park House is a place we’ve all looked at and wished were our own. For centuries, there has been a home on this very spot, so its architecture has been changed and modernised many times.

In its time, this elegant home became the place to be seen by royalty in the 18th Century, as well as an entertainment home of the Rothschild family in the 1880s. Today, you can experience the splendour of this building at weddings, functions and on a trip to the museum.  

They have multiple events throughout the month if you want to see it for yourself:

Jo Cowen house at Whitehall Gardens

There are other hidden architectural gems throughout Ealing that are not large estate houses or factories - like this property designed by Jo Cowen. The ethos is to create buildings designed for life, combining beautiful architecture with longevity and durability. It has won multiple awards and introduced a new approach to urbanisation, as well as private home design.  

If you’re looking to inhabit your own Jo Cowen property, the house at Whitehall Gardens is currently on sale with Winkworth: