EALING is leading the way among London boroughs in issuing fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for fly-tipping.

Over a five-week period, from December 25 to January 29 in the years 2019, 2020 and 2021, it issued 813 notices.

An FOI (Freedom of Information) request also revealed that, in the five-week period between December 25 2019 and January 29 2020, Ealing issued the most fines in London - a total of 442.

Each fine was issued at £150, giving a total of £121,950. Only 429 out of 831 FPNs were paid on time.

Ealing’s figure was more than twice the next most prolific borough, Haringey, and three times the third highest, Hillingdon.

Hillingdon issued 104 FPNs, totalling £41,600.

Since 2019, councils have had the authority to issue FPNs for fly-tipping, and the maximum amount a person can be fined depends on the council.

Barratt Homes asked councils across London how many fixed penalty notices they issued  With 16 of the 32 responding, Barratt then ranked them and offered tips on how to navigate Londoners' recycling habits.