A GROUP of Year 10 students from Notting Hill & Ealing High School have been sharing their festive cheer with residents at care homes in Ealing, particularly those dealing with dementia. 

Every Tuesday afternoon, the students visit one of the borough’s homes and sing a round of songs. At this time of year, Christmas is the focus.

Research suggests there is emotional and behavioural benefit for sufferers. Chestnut Lodge, which has 64 residents, many with dementia, is one of four the school visits regularly. 

Student Kiki Van Loenen said: “We notice just how much the residents respond. They join in and it’s both a rewarding and fun experience.” 

Mariola Swietlicka, who manages activities at Chestnut Lodge, said: “We have found that, when our residents listen to songs being sung by young voices, they come alive. They join in - some even get up to dance. It’s a wonderful therapy.”

The other care homes where students sing include St David’s, Blakesley House and Downhurst.