A SOUTHALL psychiatrist who groped a nurse and then kissed a policeman's boot to beg forgiveness has been struck off for lying to get work.

Dr Idowu Otote, 43, of Rutland Road, was banned for 12 months in 2006 for failing to keep his skills up to scratch.

He then claimed in application forms to Gwent and Maudsley NHS trusts that he would be free to practice again by November 17, 2006.

Dr Otote admitted making two inaccurate job applications, but denied dishonesty on the basis it was all a misunderstanding.

He told the GMC he had sent the applications using a draft model answer to the questions, but forgot to check it before he sent them, but he could not explain why there were still "significant differences" between the two.

Panel Chair Howard Freeman said the GMC had "serious concerns" about the way Dr Otote deliberately misled the two health trusts, and found his fitness to practise was impaired.

Mr Freeman said Otote, who qualified from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, in 1990, had not worked as a doctor for more than five years and had done little to address his deficiencies.

He said: "Moreover, this has been compounded by your dishonest behaviour in connection with the two application forms you completed for employment.

"The panel has concluded that your persistent lack of insight coupled with your dishonest behaviour, allied to the other factors identified in your case, is fundamentally incompatible with you continuing to be a registered medical practitioner.

"The panel is satisfied that it is necessary for the protection of patients and otherwise in the public interest to do so. "

The panel heard how he groped the shocked nurse yards from her boyfriend's door as she walked home after the Torbay Hospital party in December 1999, before kissing a policeman's boot and begging for forgiveness when he was arrested.

He was later found guilty of that attack and of inappropriate behaviour towards two other nurses.

He resigned and started work in Welwyn Garden City, where he harrassed another nurse in August 2000 by asking to check her pulse to see if she was happily married.

In 2006 the GMC decided Dr Otote should be suspended for 12 months after ruling he had failed to keep his skills up to date and had no insight into his conduct.