EALING is to get nearly 50 new on-street electric vehicle charging points.

By December, the first tranche of 48 sockets will be located at 12 different sites in the borough.

Ealing Council is working with Liberty Charge, who instal the points at no cost to the borough while taking responsibility for maintaining and operating the charge points.

The move follows a growing number of resident requests from Ealing’s EV drivers, who are eager to see more EV charging points close to their homes.  

Council leader Peter Mason said: “This is just the beginning. We are committed to working together to boost the number of [points] across the borough as we strive to achieve net zero in carbon emissions by 2030.

“We want to rapidly expand the number of accessible charging points for those without a driveway or home charging option.

“It is vital people are given a say in where these chargers are being installed, which is why have a further 216 sockets due for consultation in early 2023.”

Cllr Dierdre Costigan, Ealing’s cabinet member for climate action, said residents would be within 10 minutes' walk of a charging point. 

The 12 sites are:

Cranleigh Gardens, UB1 2BX; Evelyn Grove, UB1 2BW; Oswald Road, UB1 1HJ; Green Drive, UB1 3AY; 1 George Street, UB2 5PS; 15 Carlton Road, W5 2AE; Vyner Road, W3 7LZ; Grange Road UB1 1BY; Opp. 4 Arnold Road, UB5 5TB; 9 Princes Gardens, W3 0LX; Hale Gardens, W3 9ST; Side of 91 Church Road on Manor Court Road, W7 3BH.