A GROUP of teenagers, known as the Ealing Young Champions, have saved one of the borough’s three youth clubs.

Supported by the Young Ealing Foundation, they launched a campaign in Spring 2021 to keep the Young Adults Centre in Park View Road, Southall, and petitioned Ealing Council to save it from demolition.

The petition gained more than 1,500 signatures and, as a result, was debated by the council’s cabinet.

Lily Connolly-Wards, 18, a Young Champion, said: “After all of our hard work, I am overjoyed at the decision to keep the YAC open.

“It is clear the centre is needed in the community, and I’m glad the young people of Southall get to keep this pillar.”

Elly Heaton, Chief Executive Office of Young Ealing Foundation, said it was looking forward to working with the Champions to ensure the YAC continued to thrive as a community hub.

Dr Lynne Guyton, CEO of John Lyon’s Charity, added: “For the past 18 months we have been campaigning to save the YAC as a key youth club for the children and young people of Ealing.

“More than ever, in the wake of COVID and in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, youth clubs such as the YAC are a guiding light for many young people, bringing together different communities, providing sports activities, clubs and a safe space for those at risk of violence and crime.”  

Ealing Young Champions are a group of teenagers from a variety of backgrounds who tackle issues they face and give a voice to children and young people.