A 13-YEAR-OLD student from Acton High School has suffered racial bullying at school because he is Polish, according to his mother.

Monika Sowinska, 32, of Hill Drive, says her son is a good student and has done very well at the school but wants to move him because of on-going conflict between Polish and black students.

She said, through a translator: "My son had his phone stolen and his new jacket cut with a sharp knife on the back.

"A boy's hair was lit up on fire during one lunchtime in the playground. The ambulance had to come.

"I haven't reported anything to the police or school because I didn't want to escalate the action and my son asked me not to say anything because he was afraid.

"There are many Polish students in similar situations. My son is suffering less than some of the other students. There are worse, but I want to take him out before he gets hurt."

Mandy Golding, headteacher at Acton High, said: "Recently there have been some incidents of fighting between a small number of black and Polish students. Acton High has a good track record on promoting harmony between students and will not tolerate this behaviour.

"All incidents of fighting have been reported to the police and some pupils have been excluded and others temporarily excluded.

"In addition, conflict resolution experts have been brought into the school to help resolve problems and I have written to all parents to inform them and seek their support."

Mrs Sowinska, a cleaner, moved to England in January last year and likes living in the country. Her husband, Araadiusz Sowinska, 34, a warehouse worker, has lived here for three years.

Although her son loves his teachers at Acton High, she wants to him to move schools but at the moment cannot find one with a space.

She said: "The Polish parents find it hard to speak to the school because their English is not as good as their childrens'. There is not enough communication between the school and the Polish parents.

"I have put my son on the waiting list for another school."

Kris Ruszczynski, chairman for Polish radio station, Hey Now, was translating for Mrs Sowinska. He said: "When Monika contacted me I had to do something about it. I was very angry. I have lived in this country for 25 years and never had any problems like it.

"I want to talk to all the communities to resolve this. We can't make divisions, we need intergration not segregation. I remember times when I had to change school. I was welcome, so I wonder why they have not been."

This is the second incident this year involving Acton High School, as teachers started patrolling outside the school, at the end of the day, following complaints from local residents and bus users.