ONE of the frontrunners for the upcoming London mayoral elections has said he may consider reviving plans for a west London tram if he is elected.

Brian Paddick, the Lib Dem candidate for the May 1 elections, said he would consider all options in trying to improve public transport services in west London.

The former Met police officer visited Southall on Monday with party leader Nick Clegg to meet the Hilligdon and Ealing Greater London Assembly (GLA) candidate Nigel Bakhai.

Mr Paddick told the Ealing Times: "I don't think public transport is good enough. But, there is no point in penalising motorists driving into London, particularly in parts which do not have good transport links.

"Parts of London have no underground links and are served by inadequate bus routes, so we must look at all the options like the tram.

"I understand there has been hostility locally about the idea of a tram, and that shows what happens when you have a confrontational mayor who does not listen to people and bullies them into doing the things he wants.

"There will be no tram without proper consultation and agreement with local people.

"We must look at every option to improve public transport and get people out of their cars."

Mr paddick said he favoured scrapping the congestion charge in favour of a £10 charge for everyone bringing their car into London and called on local authorities to put together plans for the development of town centres.

He said: "London is a unique place, and local authorities should have a comprehensive plan for town centres which concentrate on preserving their unique character whilst allowing appropriate development.

"I'm not against progress, but the development of town centres must be done strategically, not in a haphazard manor."

Mr paddick, a former deputy commissioner of the Met police, also said he believed he was the only credible candidate in the mayoral race, and could get votes in the area despite there being a Tory council and mostly Labour MPs.

He told the Ealing Times: "Every part of London is important in this race. Many Tory supporters are nervous about voting for Boris Johnson, with good reason,.

"A lot of Labour supporters are reluctant to voter for Ken with his record of maladministration, and so it's clear I represent the only credible alternative in this race."