Your vote for London on May 1 is important as these elections will affect every single one of us in Ealing Southall, which is part of the Ealing and Hillingdon London Assembly division.

Ken Livingstone has worked hard for London. He was born and brought up in London, he knows London and he knows the hopes and concerns of ordinary people. He has delivered neighbourhood policing, the biggest level of investment in public transport since World War Two, and has made affordable homes to rent or buy a priority. Ken knows that we all want to be sure that our money is spent wisely.

Boris Johnson is just not competent enough to be mayor - his polices will cost Londoners. His half-baked plans for the bus service would actually cost us £100million extra alone, a price that we can't afford to pay. More alarmingly Boris Johnson does not see our concerns over crime; he voted against automatic five-year jail sentences for anyone caught carrying a gun - essential in the fight to cut gun crime in London. He also thinks the record police investment that has cut crime five years in a row is where "real savings" can be made.

I think Ken's promise, if re-elected, to put a 1,000 more uniformed police on the streets of London is something all Londoners will see as a priority, it will certainly be a priority for Ealing Southall. He will extend the Freedom Pass to 24 hours, opening up the opportunity for more flexible public transport to older and disabled Londoners.

I know that only Ken and your local candidate, Ranjit Dheer, will improve our environment and public transport, provide more affordable housing and continue the fight against crime.

We all get three ballot papers on May 1, because we elect our mayor and our London Assembly Members. I want to ask you to use your three votes for Labour - vote for Ken, vote for Ranjit Dheer and vote for Labour on May 1. The future of Ealing and Hillingdon and London is in our hands on May 1.