AN UNDER-FIRE politician attended his first council meeting in nearly six months last night.

Virendra Sharma, the MP for Ealing Southall and Norwood Green councillor, sat on the Education, Leisure and Children's Social Services panel, and spoke on the issue of public toilets and allotments.

Mr Sharma had been threatened with being thrown off the council because he had not attended a meeting since October 9 last year.

However, Councillor Phil Taylor (Con, Northfield), criticised Mr Sharma's attendance rate.

He said: "I went to the meeting to see if Mr Sharma would turn up. To be fair he stayed for the full two-and-a-half hours. He has now secured another £4,500 for that work, a pay rate of £1,800 an hour.

"He is still collecting his £9,000 a year members allowance for doing nothing.

"He has been in parliament now for nine months and has managed to have four foreign trips and never voted against the government.

"It would be nice to know my MP is working for his constituency."