A LOCAL MP faces expulsion from his seat on the council unless he attends a meeting within the next fortnight.

The ruling Tory party claims Virendra Sharma, the MP for Ealing Southall, has not attended a meeting in his capacity as a councillor for Norwood Green since a brief appearance at a full council meeting on October 9, 2007.

Under the rules of the council constitution any councillor not attending a meeting in a six month period will be automatically disqualified from their role as a councillor.

Councillor Jason Stacey, the Leader of Ealing Council, said: "He's got two weeks to attend a meeting otherwise he will be forcibly ejected under council rules.

"It will be interesting to see exactly what happens as none of the committees he sits on are due to meet in these two weeks, so he will have to be substituted in to a meeting in order to keep his seat.

"If he doesn't attend a meeting I would call on him to resign."

The Tories claim the only meeting Mr Sharma has attended since being elected to his parliamentary seat last July is the meeting on October 9, although he still claims his £9,000-a-year members allowance.

Mr Sharma has missed three Southall Area Committee meetings, four Transport and Environment Scrutiny panel meetings, three full council meetings and two planning committee meetings.