Olympian Tom Squires can be counted upon to pop the champagne when it counts.

The Tokyo 2020 windsurfer from Oxford finished seventh in his maiden Tokyo Olympics and although he didn't medal, the Oxford athlete was one of the first to cheer his teammates and friends to glory.

Squires competed in the RS:X event for Team GB and shared his journey in British Sailing's new documentary film 'Chasing Tokyo' which debuts on the Olympic Channel on July 28th.

The windsurfer has high hopes that the film will capture the nation's hearts and proves that the sport is available to all who dare to dream.

Speaking at Chasing Tokyo's premiere, he said: "The British Sailing Team is a very small entity and we all have this friendship with all these characters.

"Even from a young age it was so clear that even if you're into sailing, you don't know who the potential European and World Champions are and there's so many good sports people that you don't get to know.

"So when Orillo [Films] approached the British Sailing Team, I think it was a great opportunity to show that this is the British Sailing Team, this is what we are.

"Hopefully it captures all the differences in personalities, there's no one size fits all for a sailor."

Squires holds the sport close to his heart and is keen to highlight the friendly dynamic that the team brought to Tokyo, cheering each other on through the highs and lows of the Games, especially after such a turbulent two years.

He said: "As a group of sailors down here, we have each other and it means that we're such great friends.

"From being in Weymouth training, even the younger guys and older guys, we all know each other so well so it was just being so happy to be with mates and that friendship there lasts.

"Everyone was just so thankful that it was going ahead and showing that performance.

"For me that side of things really makes me perform as well and it makes me want to do the same and perform."

Ealing Times:

Whether you're a sailing fan or just love a story of raw emotion and drive, 'Chasing Tokyo' captures the spirit of the British Olympic Sailing team and the struggles they encountered on the way to becoming the most successful sailing team in the world.

Squires is just one of the stories followed, alongside Tokyo gold medallists Eilidh McIntyre and Stuart Bithell and London 2012 Olympic silver medallist Luke Patience.

Squires said: "I think my most prominent memories are how successful everyone was. You had gold medallists and first time Games like myself and everyone was on the same page.

"It was the best of the best outcome and we'd spent so much time waiting and it was nice to actually have that spark back.

"The logistics of that extra year was really hard to deal with. The British Sailing team really made me feel comfortable and trying to make the most of what we had.

"Everyone says you don't know what the Games is going to be like until you're there, but Team GB and the British Sailing Team really went to town to make sure every basis was covered so we could feel as home as possible."

Watch Chasing Tokyo at Olympics.com