THE Ealing Blues Festival warm-up gig last night (17) turned out to be hotter than expected, due to the heatwave.

It featured Britain’s most outrageous all-female band, The Vampirettes, along with Robert Hokum and the Great West Groove.

They will be among more than 20 bands appearing next weekend (23-24) at the Ealing Blues Festival in Walpole Park.

“The Vampirettes really raised the temperature with their unique blend of hard rock, high camp and raucous entertainment,” said Robert Hokum, founder and artistic director of the festival.

“The weather made it pretty hot for a warm-up, but we had a great night at the Brentham Club. Fortunately, the weather forecast suggests conditions will be ideal for the festival.”

Other 2022 highlights next weekend will include: 

  • A tribute to Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies and the birth of British blues in Ealing, to mark Rock’s Diamond Year (Saturday, 6.45pm)
  • A rare London appearance by guitarist and Game of Thrones actor Wilko Johnson, who first came to prominence with Dr Feelgood, the R&B band he co-founded with former Ealing resident Lee Brilleaux (Sunday, 9.30pm).

Tickets are available now: