Ealing's first multiscreen cinema since 2008 launched earlier this month. 

Located in the heart of Ealing Broadway, the Ealing Project will include blockbusters and a range of independent movies with ticket prices frozen at £6 per person for the entire month of July.

The venue is the latest venture by Really Local Group and will be more than your usual high street cinema, boasting a space for live music, comedy events and exhibitions.

Andrew Rollings, centre director at Ealing Broadway said: "This is where things are going to change from the pandemic.

“The cinema anchors a broad spectrum of demographics. It’s exciting to know that this is a place for everyone of all different ages and backgrounds. This is a community hub.”

The space is accessible from 10:30am-11pm daily, with an open space to work or enjoy refreshments at the café and bar.

The Ealing Project will partner with musicians and artists and have already collaborated with the likes of Bollo Brook youth club and featured the documentary film, Suburban Steps to Rockland, about the famous Ealing Club. 

Preston Benson, Founder of Really Local Group said: “We’re confident Ealing locals and newcomers alike will enjoy the huge new space and rich programme of films, art installations and events.”

The Ealing Project have partnered with Hanwell Hootie to manage artists and anyone who is interested in performing at the venue can email Ealing@hanwellhootie.co.uk to find out more.

The Ealing Project has also introduced a £45/year membership scheme (or £28 for Students, >50’s, NHS and Bluelight card holders) giving 20% off all future tickets and food and drinks to anyone – even if you don’t live in London.

To find out more or book tickets, visit https://ealingproject.co.uk