A WEST Ealing man who robbed a string of supermarkets was trapped after he claimed cash prizes on a batch of stolen lottery scratch-cards.

Henderson Domingo, 47, of Kirkfield Close, was charged with five robberies where he threatened staff with a knife before fleeing with cash and other items.

Domingo was jailed at Kingston Crown Court on Friday (8) for a total of 14 years.

He had visited four shops in Ealing to claim winnings from the stolen scratch-cards, but police were tracking the claims.

Domingo was arrested by Flying Squad officers near a supermarket in Northfield Avenue.

He had a knife and was about to rob the store as it prepared to open. Officers stepped in to detain him.

After Domingo was arrested, a total of £14,881.09 in cash was recovered from his address.

Det Con Pippa Bregazzi said: “[He] will have a considerable period of time in prison to reflect on the distress he has caused staff at the supermarkets he targeted, as well as on his own foolishness and greed.”