A FIRE crew rescued Mus, the curious cat, who was stuck in the roof voids of her house in Brunswick Gardens, near Hanger Lane, Ealing, last week.

Station Officer Nathan Beeby said: “The cat had been trapped for around 24 hours and had probably [become] stuck after squeezing through a small space behind the chimney breast.

“We could hear her moving from one void to another and managed to coax her towards an area where there was an extraction fan.

“The crew opened up the extractor to expose a small hole and Firefighter Scott Keenan gently pulled her through and safely reunited her with her owners.”

While firefighters want to avoid people putting themselves at risk rescuing an animal, it does encourage people to first call the RSPCA.

They will assist if specialist equipment is required, as it was in this case.

One fire engine from Park Royal attended.