EALING Hospital’s peregrines are now the proud parents of three babies.

The family are living on a top-floor window ledge after the birds of prey decided to make it their home.

Ealing Wildlife Group have been keeping an eagle eye on developments, with vet Sean McCormack given permission to go on the roof and confirm the new arrivals.

Peregrines find tall buildings with largely inaccessible roof space an ideal home, along with a ready supply of food in London’s pigeon and parakeet population.

Sean said: “Peregrines are highly territorial and mate for life, so it is great they have settled here. Their nearest neighbours are in Southall, with a further pair in Brentford.”

EWG is also involved in a project to reintroduce beavers to the UK, with the group applying for a licence for a controlled enclosure trail at Paradise Fields in North Greenford.