AN award-winning cook, based in Acton, is backing a new initiative that uses cartoon characters to get children eating more healthily.

Sammy Satsuma’s Mission for Nutrition features a range of characters led by Sammy Satsuma and featuring, among others, Buster Banana, Peter Potato and Becki Broccoli.

The concept has been created by two dads, Chris Brady and Ashley Cain, who were wondering how to solve the problem of their own fussy-eating children. 

Celebrity chef Jo Pratt, author of seven cook books herself, has added some of her own recipes to Sammy Satsuma.

“Primarily this is about making cooking fun, helping kids get comfortable in the kitchen from a young age and having some bonding time with their parents away from screens,” said Jo.

With the personalised recipe book, a parent or child can choose their favourite recipes from a range of 100 different meals or snacks. The child’s name and avatar will feature throughout the book.