Today sees the launch of Fybogel’s first-ever Cubicle Confessional, stopping off in London, Northampton and Liverpool over three days this month.

The ‘touring toilet cubicle’ will give members of the public the opportunity to talk to a gut heath expert, in a bid to help us all talk more confidently about our poo problems.

76% of adults surveyed agreed that ‘there is a “poo taboo” and people are generally embarrassed talking about their bowel movements’.

New research commissioned by Fybogel found that UK adults admit to suffering from digestive symptoms such as trapped wind, excess gas and bloating (77%), constipation (44%), stomach-ache or stomach cramps (77%) and blood in faeces (15%). 

Almost half (49%) of those surveyed however admitted they have ignored their digestive symptoms at some point in their lives. 36% also said they never sought advice from a medical professional even though 55% said if they were to talk to anyone about digestive health, they would be most comfortable talking to a doctor.

Ealing Times:

Over half (58%) also admitted their digestive health has a direct impact on their mental health. 52% of those surveyed said they couldn’t sleep and lacked energy because of their digestive symptoms and 19% said they didn’t think anything can be done about it.

Fybogel is on a mission to break the poo taboo. Fybogel wants to get us talking more about our bowel habits to stop unnecessary suffering and disruption to our lives, all because we think the poo taboo is embarrassing (50%), unattractive (46%) and it’s something we have been taught is rude to talk about (36%)

The Fybogel Cubicle Confessional will provide the UK public with a fun, engaging and comfortable way to start ‘the poo chat’, with the expertise of Guts UK, the only UK charity funding research into the digestive system.

The ‘poop’-up toilet confessional will visit three UK cities with some of the highest cost rates of admission to hospital for constipation.

Ealing Times:

Potters Field Park, London
Date: Wednesday 6th April
Time: 10am – 2pm     

Liverpool Paradise Street
Date: Thursday 7th April
Time: 9.30am - 6pm  

Northampton Market Square
Date: Friday 8th April
Time: 10am-2pm

With 34% of those surveyed saying they either don’t think the frequency of their bowel movement is normal, or they aren’t sure, and a further 24% having ‘no idea’ what to look out for in an ‘unhealthy’ poo, it would suggest that the nation’s digestive health knowledge is lacking. 

Symptoms that most concern the UK public when it comes to our digestive health:
•    Blood in the faeces (56%)
•    Diarrhoea (47%)
•    Stomach cramps (42%)
•    Stomach-ache (40%)
•    Constipation (39%)

Marguerite de Durfort, Senior Brand Manager, Fybogel says: “We know for so many the embarrassment that comes with ‘the poo chat’ can limit our understanding of our digestive system and stop us receiving the treatment we might need. Fybogel wants to help stop UK consumers from suffering in silence and work towards breaking the ‘poo taboo’. 

With 55% of the public feeling most comfortable talking about their bowel movements with a doctor, we hope that people across our three locations can utilise our cubicle confessional to gain advice from a healthcare professional for their symptoms, leading them to feel more open to discussing these issues and more comfortable about working towards finding a solution.”

Ealing Times:

Julie Harrington, CEO at Guts UK Charity says: “There’s a real taboo surrounding poo. When discussing toilet habits, we tend to make the subject humorous, to make the conversation more comfortable and less serious. But your poo is an indication of your health in many ways. It’s important to look at your poo, know what is your ‘normal‘, and talk to your doctor about anything unusual for you. 

Guts UK’s research2 found that 58% of people agreed that those with digestive condition or symptoms are embarrassed about their symptoms or condition. This leads to 51% of people delaying seeking advice for six months or longer, and that can lead to unnecessary suffering, or putting off potential ‘red flag’ symptoms.

Our guts have been undervalued and misunderstood for decades. It’s time we gave the guts the attention they deserve. Guts UK hopes the travelling Cubicle Confessional will take the UK one step closer to getting to grips with guts.”

Visit Fybogel’s Cubicle Confessional to help banish your fear of the poo taboo and get advice from Guts UK Charity.

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