An Ealing bachelor who secured dates by putting out a billboard in a busy London Underground station has labelled traditional South Asian arranged marriages ‘superficial’.

Jeevan Bhachu, 31, spent £2,000 on a 20 foot billboard in Oxford Circus tube station, unveiled last week, with the hope of finding a wife.

Bhachu, of Indian and Kenyan origin, successfully secured a few dates for the upcoming weeks after an unlucky experience with traditional matrimony services.

The part-time DJ said: “One of the main reasons why I do not agree with traditional arranged marriages is because there is too much judgement.

“Parents pretend to look at the finer details of a person, like what job they do and how much they earn, but I don’t think that is important.

“I have seen others where it has worked out for them, but it’s not a one-size fits all solution.”

Bhachu revealed he previously had trouble finding suitors his own age because of limited data profiles in traditional matrimonial services.

Bhachu said: “What I have done is create more effective leads for myself.”

The marriage advertisement received worldwide attention for its comical title: ‘best Indian you’ll takeaway’.

The single man told ITV news this week he received over 100 applications, including some from the United States, Australia, Canada, Greece and Germany.

“Because there are a lot of inherent problems within our culture, I would want someone who is the type that questions everything in life- someone who questions their own culture, their own upbringing and society,” he added.

Bhachu also critiqued online dating apps because of a rising number of scams, bots and people ‘ghosting’.

Bhachu took inspiration from entrepreneur, Muhammad Malik, 29, who released similar adverts across Birmingham and London earlier this year.

Bhachu said: “Malik and I have probably created a marketing trend.

“Maybe this is the new way of searching for the one.”

Bhachu describes himself as an ‘adrenaline-junkie’, enjoys skydiving and challenges himself to do something nerve-wrecking each birthday.

Women can send their applications to

Bhachu and Malik are arranging an Instagram live-stream to answer the public’s questions.