EALING’S volunteer clean-up squad, LAGER Can, set sail on a 'litter cruise' in Southall.

Teaming up with the Canal & River Trust, the crew tidied the Grand Union towpath for a mile and a half from Adelaide Dock to Bulls Bridge. 

They were followed by the CRT barge, Pride of Uxbridge, and lobbed in 60 sacks of rubbish plus heaps of magnet-fished junk.

Job completed, the team hopped on to the barge for a ride back to the CRT base at Adelaide Dock.

Cathy Swift, of LAGER Can, said:  "The Grand Union should be a place for everyone in our borough to enjoy.  But, sadly, some parts are so badly affected by anti-social behaviour and litter that it's considered a no-go area by many. 

"Being able to throw rubbish straight into the barge spared our volunteers from having to lug bulging sacks long distances for collection at the nearest road. 

“And it was a pleasure to admire the newly-cleaned towpath from the deck of the barge as we enjoyed our 'mini-cruise' back to Adelaide Dock."

Most of the rubbish consisted of cans, bottles and takeaway containers dropped around North Hyde Bridge, Hayes Bridge and Wolf Bridge.  

On the Heston side of North Hyde Bridge, the canal bank is used as a rubbish tip.  It was here that 64 sacks of rubbish were filled in a litter-pick earlier in January by https://lagercan.co.uk/  the 1800-member litter action group for Ealing Residents.

Canal & River Trust engagement manager Diana Fitzwilliam said: "Southall is a focus area for  the trust, to improve the towpaths, discourage those who don't take their litter home and encourage more people to access the positive benefits of being by the water."  

The Grand Union Canal and its Paddington Arm run for 12 miles through the borough of Ealing, but nowhere is there a litter bin directly on the canal towpath.

Cathy Swift added: "Neighbouring Brent Council has a number of bins along its section and we would like to see the same in Ealing."