STREET Tag Limited hope to make it third time lucky, after once again reaching the final shortlist for a prestigious London Sport Award. 

The mobile application has been credited with bringing families together by using incentives, unique tags, and events to help increase physical activity.  

Street Tag, who are based in Barking, have been nominated for The Tech and Digital Award, in association with Sport Tech Hub and Loughborough University. The winners are set to be revealed at the showpiece London Sport Awards, in association with the City of London Corporation, at the Guildhall in December.

It marks the third consecutive time they’ve been shortlisted for a London Sport Award and CEO Seun Oshinaike, 32, said: “It’s exciting, we weren’t expecting it, but it’s great to have been nominated for The Tech and Digital Award. 

“I hope we get closer this time around, but I think, more importantly, it’s going to mean a lot more for our community. 

“Everything we do, we can’t do it without the community, and so this shortlist we’re on, and the nomination we’ve received is because of the community. 

“We’re nothing without the community; we just hope we can be third time lucky. 

“Being active within the community or as a community is really important because of the benefit for your mental health and the individual health benefit that it brings to families.”

Over the last five years, the annual London Sport Awards, in association with the City of London Corporation, has grown to become the biggest celebration of grassroots physical activity and sport in the city.  

And this year’s showpiece event will once again recognise, celebrate and shine a light on the stories of the incredible individuals, groups, and organisations for their outstanding work across the capital, helping Londoners of all ages and backgrounds to be physically active.

The Street Tag app was developed in 2018 and has so far succeeded in improving the wellbeing of multiple communities in London – and around the UK – through its highly-engaging activities.

Jacqy Lloyd, from Dagenham, is a frequent user of the app and believes Street Tag has brought her closer to her family. 

The 65-year-old said: “We can do it as a family, so I can do it with my grandchildren or with my children who are all grown up, or I can even do it with my brother. 

“We all meet up as a family; we’ll make various teams, and then we’re not only competing on the leaderboard but competing amongst ourselves, which made it fun.

“We would meet up in parks, and there would be unique tags and special events and all sorts of things. 

“You get to explore the area, so we found parks that we didn’t even know existed, and they’re lovely. 

“What drew me to it and what keeps me using the app are the changes and the improvements that keep happening.

“For me, it’s that element of fun that’s so important.”

The London Sport Awards, in association with the City of London Corporation, shines a spotlight on the unsung community heroes helping Londoners of all backgrounds to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and sport. Find out more about the Awards and how London Sport aims to make London the most physically active city in the world at #MakeYourMark