FLY-tippers have struck in the same Hanwell street for the third time in three weeks.

Three lorry loads of builders' waste have been illegally dumped in Belvedere Road, a quiet side street off Trumpers Way. 

The incidents happened on November 10, 22 and 24.

Residents say they suspect the same white van was used in all three incidents. 

LAGER Can, the Litter Action Group for Ealing Residents, says it's further evidence that tipping is out of control in the borough.  

The group's Mark Percy said: "With so little risk of getting caught, the criminal gangs will just carry on dumping. 

“We're calling on Ealing Council to instal CCTV cameras at this and other known fly-tipping hotspots. 

“Hillingdon Council has been using cameras at 11 sites since 2004, so why should it be so hard to do the same here?"

He added: "These fly tips have appeared days before Ealing Council closes the rubbish tip at South Acton in the face of widespread opposition. 

“By making it harder to dispose of waste legitimately, it can only worsen the fly-tipping problems.  We're urging the council to give the tip a last-minute reprieve. 

“Forcing residents to drive to alternative sites at Greenford or Brent will encourage the needless polluting car journeys the council is trying to discourage in the face of the climate crisis."

South Acton rubbish tip shuts on November 28. Its closure will save between £100,000 and £173,000 over four years.