PEOPLE in Ealing are invited to help paint the eco-mural at Ealing Broadway, to showcase how a community can collaborate to fight climate change.

The initiative is being co-ordinated by the shopping centre, climate activists ActFor Ealing snd Paint Your Planet.

ActForEaling is invited to demonstrate the impact of co-ordinated eco-activity in the community next Thursday (11) at COP26.

Visitors will learn how the borough is promoting climate action by creating a community eco-hub.

ActForEaling’s stand in Glasgow aims to inspire others with real-life examples of a community working to achieve more sustainable ways of living.

As part of this, Ealing residents of all ages are invited to work on the mural opposite Footlocker at Ealing Broadway from mid-day to 4pm this Saturday (6). Sanitised brushes and paint will be supplied, so anyone can help.

The Paint Your Planet team has worked on murals around the world. A film about the initiative will be shown at COP26 and online.