It’s four down, one to go for fundraiser Michael Ferndale as his epic Reverse Running Challenge nears its conclusion.

Former soldier Ferndale, 48, set himself the target of running backwards in five major cities across the UK and Ireland with the aim of raising money for Lord Taverners and The Change Foundation.

After completing challenges in Dublin, Belfast and Edinburgh, Ferndale set off for Cardiff today for stage four of his endeavour. 

And after another successful day there is just London left, with the final challenge taking place tomorrow and the target of 150km met. 

Ferndale had injury issues in previous days but was fresh and ready ahead of his day in the Welsh capital. 

He said: “I’m not too bad, a lot better than I was yesterday. I had a bit of a low point, I hadn't had any proper food for two days. 

“I came back from Monday morning in Edinburgh and just crashed and had to go to sleep for half an hour. Funnily enough, the injury I had at the start is getting better. I think we’ll finish strongly tomorrow.

“It was cold to start with this morning but once the sun got through it was a lovely day. It’s sunny, it’s warm, there’s people out. It’s just really nice.

“A lot of people have come up asking about what I’m doing, and we just have a chat. I think what means most at the moment is when people come up and have a nice chat.”

With just one day to go, Ferndale is hoping to rest tonight before one final push.

He said: “It sounds like a real cliche but I’m actually really looking forward to tomorrow! It’s just about lap after lap after lap.

“Tonight is just about getting home, getting changed, getting some sleep and then tomorrow just giving everything.”

Michael Ferndale will be tackling the Reverse Running Challenge between October 9-13 to raise money and awareness to help disadvantaged and disabled young people to fulfil their potential and build life skills. Visit to make a donation