EALING Council has been ruled at fault by the Local Government Ombudsman for failing to produce a series of important reports.

Responding to a complaint by a member of the group Ealing Matters, it ruled the council did not fulfil its statutory duty to publish an AMR (Authority Monitoring Report) annually for the past six year.

The reports form part of Ealing’s Local Plan, a suite of documents that outline the long-term planning strategy for the borough.

The time frame for Local Plans is 10-15 years, though they need to be reviewed and updated regularly.

Boroughs are required to report at least annually on the implementation and effectiveness of their Local Plan through these AMRs, which should be publicly available.

Ealing Matters is a borough-wide alliance of almost 70 residents’ associations and community groups.

An spokesperson for the group said: “AMRs sound dry and dull, but they are a crucial tool in ensuring that the council’s plan is on track.”

The Ombudsman will consider appropriate steps if the council does not publish, within three months, a final AMR.

Ealing Council has been approached for a response.