A TEAM of 40 runners from Notting Hill & Ealing High School completed the Ealing Half Marathon on Sunday to help the Log Cabin charity raise money to build a new playground.

Staff, including the headmaster, and parents came together to create the team, which ran in branded white T-shirts.

The team has so far raised nearly £4.5k for the charity, with contributions still coming in.

Sophie Johnson, a teacher at Notting Hill & Ealing, also manages the school’s charities and volunteering initiatives.

She said: “The Log Cabin is an important charity in Ealing and has a very special place within our school community.

“We have a tradition of running the Ealing Half for the Log Cabin and it is so pleasing to see new faces join the team each year.”

You can donate at //www.justgiving.com/fundraising/nhehslogcabin