ACTON, I was once told, holds the record for the number of stations with the same place name - and once you begin to add them up it rings true: whether on the mainline, north London line, Piccadilly or Central, there are indeed many variations.

Strange then that for many Actonians the chosen station of departure is Shepherds Bush Central Line. Because although the Acton stations circle the town centre they miss it by a margin and, in the age of the bendy bus, it is easier to get into London by hopping on the 207 to the Bush. But not for long.

London Underground announced just before Christmas that it would close the busiest station in my constituency for eight-and-a-half months, starting on February 2. Now we all know that the Tube is undergoing long-awaited improvements and most commuters are prepared to put up with building works and night-time or weekend closures to if the end result is a better Tube. But to close a major station used by 20,000 people a day, for the best part of a year is unprecedented. There is no obvious alternative station, Transport for London has made no alternative provision and the notice given - four weeks excluding the holidays - is derisory. Apart from the inconvenience the effect on local businesses will be devastating.

So I spent 12 hours on what should have been my first day back in Parliament outside Shepherd's Bush station talking to passengers and, along with everyone from councillors and GLA Member Murad Qureshi to Labour and Lib Dem party activists and local traders handed out more than 5,000 petition forms.

These are flooding back in and I want to have as many as possible to take to my meeting with London Underground bosses on January 16. So can I urge all users of the station to sign up either by visiting my website, or writing to me at the House of Commons London SW1A 0AA.

I am happy to give Transport for London credit where it is due - it is playing a big part in Crossrail, improving bus services, changed its mind on the tram and refurbishing stations such as Acton Town.

But unless we can change its mind those Acton stations are going to get a lot more congested over the next 12 months.