BY delving into family and community memories, to uncover stories around Heathrow, the University of West London in Ealing will soon be home to an exhibition looking at the airport’s impact on their lives.  

People Powered project Heathrow: Our Local Airport will use stories and living memories to help create a visual archive.  

It’s due to be completed in three phases. The first is underway, in collaboration with the Heathrow Community Engagement Board, collecting family stories and speaking with people of South Asian origin who moved to the area for work.

A second stage will focus on significant figures involved in work and life around the airport.

Finally, archivists at UWL will work with film-maker Narvir Singh and young people from UWL’s Saturday Club to make a documentary film.

UWL, which is home to the Heathrow Archive and exhibition, is helping generate material, which will be displayed at the university before elements move to the National Portrait Gallery in 2023. 

Emily Stone, the gallery’s participation manager, said: “We don’t yet know what we will uncover, but it promises to bring renewed energy and fresh perspectives to the UWL archive and National Portrait Gallery collection.” or