A 14-year-old autistic scout from Ealing has returned home after completing a 1000-mile cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groat’s and raising over £11,000 to repair Hanwell Scout Warren.

Jonathan Slater, who was born with hydrocephalus, was told by doctors that he would never ride a bike.

Although Jonathan ended up in a wheelchair in hospital after his last charity bike ride, and although his bike was stolen two weeks before setting off to John O’Groats, the teenager still completed the journey.

Jonathan’s father, Brett Slater, 56, who accompanied Jonathan on his bike ride, said: “I left London with my 14-year-old son, I’ve come back with a young man that I call my best friend. 

“This little trouper never showed any weakness. He just kept on trucking on and trucking on. There wasn’t anything slowing him down.”

Jonathan added: “Whoever said that I’d never ride a bike, you’ve been proved wrong greatly.

“I just thought, every day, every time I woke up, I thought: ‘Give it your best for 24 hours and you’ll get there.’”

Jonathan said he wanted to raise money to repair 7th Hanwell’s building at The Warren in Trumpers Way because the scouts have accepted him as he is.

He explained: “They won’t judge you for who you are and what you do.”

His scout leader, Adrian Walker, 50, said: “He’s gone through a complete journey. A lot of it is due to his father, some of it is due to the scouts.

“He’s certainly built up his independence, his resilience, as a result of the scouting, the camping and being outside.”

Adrian explained the warren is in poor condition and will only last another five to ten years without serious repairs.

He said the goal is to raise a total of £300,000 to ensure the building lasts at least another 30 years. 

Proud dad Brett stressed that he hopes others will be inspired by Jonathan’s journey, which is recorded in detail on the Scout’s blog.

Though Jonathan has reached his fundraising goal, the Warren is still in need of donations, which can be made on Jonathan’s JustGiving page.