A GROUP of concerned parents has launched a pavement art campaign in areas of London, including Hanger Lane, with harmful levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Mums for Lungs used eye-catching stencils proclaiming ‘illegal air pollution recorded here’ and demanding action to protect children.

The stencils point to 15 air quality monitors that recorded illegal levels of NO2 in 2020. It’s a pollutant that can cause reduced lung function in children, as well as triggering asthma attacks.

Most of the illegal sites are located outside of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), London’s measure to reduce diesel pollution by charging more polluting vehicles to enter the city centre.

One parent, Kate Crossland, a palliative care doctor from Ealing, said: "As a doctor I see the long term effects of respiratory disease, and it's hugely disabling. We need to be thinking of our children's futures, and that means acting on air pollution now.

“The expanded ULEZ is a good step forward, but it's a small one. We need a city where no child breathes illegal air, at home or at school."