Celebrity trio Gemma Collins, Ollie Locke-Locke and Alix Fox have joined forces with Durex to help Brits who feel out of practice and a bit rusty back on the pathway back to sexual satisfaction this summer.

The celebrity trio of ‘satisfiying sex advocates’ want to help steer us all back to satisfaction with ‘The Roadmap to Sexual Satisfaction’ as Britain hops on a pathway to pleasure this summer.

It would not be a surprise if we feel nervous, and out of practice when it comes to getting back out there sexually this summer (and beyond).

Research found ‘physical separation' and 'anxiety’ are the main reasons we have had less sex during lockdown and no matter whether you have been in a relationship, bubble, dating, single… the opportunity for sexual satisfaction has been bleak.

Ealing Times: Durex's innovative 'Roadmap to Sexual Satisfaction’ is getting Brits back on the pathway to sexual satisfaction this summerDurex's innovative 'Roadmap to Sexual Satisfaction’ is getting Brits back on the pathway to sexual satisfaction this summer

Cue Durex’s trio of ‘satisfying sex advocates’, who are here to help you rev up your sex drive on your terms at your own pace and provide a Roadmap to sexual satisfaction for when the time is right for you.

Gemma said: “Confidence is the key to positive, satisfying, intimacy. Every pavement, restaurant, park should be your own catwalk because, even if you have barely been naked in the shower let alone in front of someone else, and what your body says today isn’t quite what it said (or did) a year ago, it’s yours to own it.”

Gemma, Ollie, and Alix will help you get ready because both physical and emotional aspects of sex have been found to be key drivers of sexual satisfaction.

They will also help you get equipped so that when it comes to it (whatever ‘it’ might be for you), you will not be let down with a condom that is too loose, too tight, or too thick. Together you can respect each other’s pleasure needs with condoms, lubes, gels, and toys.

This summer it is time to feel empowered and fulfil your sexual satisfaction destiny when the moment is right for you.

So, let us #ReconnectwithDurex, get #BackwithaBang and celebrate freedom with The Roadmap to Sexual Satisfaction.

Ollie said: “Getting your mind in gear for romance, intimacy, a quickie on a night out, can be tough even without having been in lockdown as you are welded to your trackies and a takeaway.

“It doesn’t matter if you are looking to reignite a current flame or start all over again with new interests, you have to remember you need to be your number one fan before anyone else can be.”

Alix added: “You wouldn’t go running in the wrong size shoe – and you certainly wouldn’t expect a ‘personal best’ if you did…yet some people may not know how to select a size and style of condom that best fits their bits and feels good for their body. In fact, sexual satisfaction may well be suffering because of a bad fit.”

As part of the roadmap, Durex want to help the public navigate their way to more satisfying sexual experiences this summer, teaching people how the special navigation system on Durex packs help you choose a condom that is the ideal width, thinness, and level of lube to suit your needs.

Alix continues “It is NOT about just blindly grabbing whatever condoms are closest to hand; instead, learning how to choose a condom that is personally perfect for you, optimises your protection and prioritises your pleasure, giving intimate encounters the greatest chance of living up to your sexpectations after such a long wait.”

So, this summer it is time to feel empowered and fulfil your sexual satisfaction destiny.

Durex encourages you to use the roadmap as inspiration to get back in the saddle and explore good, satisfying sex.

Lindsay Forbes, Wellness Category Manager at Durex, added: “Durex wants to ensure that when the time comes to make up for any sexual occasions missed over the last year and a half, we do it with confidence and with condoms, lube and toys which can make that experience the best it can be!.”