AN Ealing graduate is raising awareness of breast cancer and other health conditions to save lives. 

Lesi Nayuoh was inspired to work in the health sector following her mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer.

She studied at the University of West London, going on to gain her undergraduate degree in Adult Nursing and a Masters in Public Health and Wellbeing.

Now working as an oncology nurse, she has dedicated her career to increasing understanding of public health and breast cancer care.

Soon realising the need to reach women in BAME communities, Lesi began giving talks in community centres and churches, focusing on encouraging people to talk about topics that might not previously have been discussed.  

Her efforts spread to Facebook, where Lesi’s page Let’s Talk Health and Wellbeing is now sharing videos, advice and discussion.  

Lesi said: “One of the things that I learned from UWL was to give back, so I could create a job for myself.

“I wanted to be able to empower others and I was given the skills to go out there and help people. I’m really grateful for that.”