Businesses bidding for council contracts in Brent will now need to prove their environmental credentials if they hope to be successful.

A new ‘procurement sustainability’ policy introduced by Brent Council this week means bidders must demonstrate their commitment to tackling climate change and reducing waste.

This includes efforts to minimise the use of resources, promote the circular economy, improve air quality, and improve green spaces and biodiversity.

The council said this will form part of its wider plan to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030 and will support sustainability in the borough.

Its policy notes it is “committed to adopting an environmentally sustainable approach” and can “harness its purchasing power” to help achieve this.

Cllr Krupa Sheth (Lab, Wembley Central), who is responsible for the environment at Brent Council, explained there is significant scope to make an impact given the value of contracts given out.

She said: “The council spends around £400 million every year on goods and services, so we have a great opportunity to use this spending power to make Brent greener and get closer to zero carbon emissions.

“This is about us putting our money where our mouth is. Improving environmental sustainability through the suppliers we work with is essential if we are going reach the ambitious targets we have set ourselves.

“By working together, we can all make a difference, and create a greener borough for everyone.”

The policy also includes intentions to support ethical business models and will “raise awareness of [the council’s] Fairtrade principles”.

Brent Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and has since made several pledges to address this including ambitions to cut the number of diesel and petrol trips in the borough in half by 2030 and plans to minimise food waste.