WARREN Farm, on the Hayes-Southall border, is one of 10 new parks that a national charity wants to see created in London.

With London having just half the green space it needs, the CPRE sees an urgent need to protect neglected areas, which might otherwise be threatened by development.

The charity wants to gain commitments from candidates for the London Mayoral elections and the relevant boroughs to transform these spaces into useful new parks.

This aim clearly aligns with that of the Brent River and Canal Society which launched a campaign in January to designate Warren Farm and its surrounding meadows as a statutory nature reserve (LNR).

A petition has now attracted 7,000 signatures.

Since Ealing Council stopped using Warren Farm as a sports centre, the meadows have re-wilded and now form a unique urban grassland.

CPRE Head of Campaigns Alice Roberts said: “[It] can be a jewel for nature and physical activity for years to come.”

Warren Farm Nature Reserve campaign organiser Katie Boyles said: “The COVID crisis has shown us the importance of access to nature, improving our health and well-being.”