A father of triplets from Ealing is aiming to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest on Horsenden Hill to raise money for a homelessness centre.

Bob Cummins, 74, stopped helping at Acton Homeless Concern at Christmas after his three sons became worried he would catch Covid.

Cummins, who is a gardener, is aiming to walk up Horsenden Hill 205 times after travel restrictions ruled out a trip to Nepal.

He said: “I am itching to go back to the centre as soon as possible, because I really enjoy it and I really miss it.

“I have got three grown-up sons and they go on at me all the time about not catching the virus. It’s up to them really when they allow me to go back.”

Ealing Times: ’MOUNTAINEER’ BOB: Cummins’ friend drew a sketch of him taking on Horsenden Hill’MOUNTAINEER’ BOB: Cummins’ friend drew a sketch of him taking on Horsenden Hill

Cummins has had his Covid vaccine, and when he spoke to the Ealing Times, was waiting for it to offer protection before heading back to the centre. 

Over the last few years, Cummins has prepared meals and sorted clothes at the centre on Thursdays.

But since the Covid pandemic and with winter more people have been going to the centre for help.

He said: “We're doing 130, 140, sometimes 150 lunches a day. And you're obviously aware of more and more people turning up desperate for sleeping bags.

“We get through masses and masses of overcoats and anything warm.”

Here is a link to his JustGiving page.