TWO sharp-eyed residents are living in a penthouse suite with a difference on the roof of Ealing Hospital.

The pair of peregrine falcons have been using the hospital to roost for nearly a year after being spotted by members of Ealing Wildlife Group.

Now, the group has installed a breeding box on the roof of the ten-storey building, hoping the birds of prey make it a permanent nesting site.

Peregrines, whose traditional habitat is cliff faces, began migrating to urban areas after facing near extinction from pesticides in the 1950s.

The birds found tall buildings, with largely inaccessible roof space, an ideal home along with a ready supply of food in London’s pigeon and parakeet population.

The peregrines - named Dusty and Freddy after two of Ealing’s most famous singers - are now approaching breeding age and are being encouraged to make the hospital their home.

They have a gravel-lined box in which to lay their eggs built by EWG member David Gordon Davy.

A motion camera has been installed opposite the opened sided box, which provides shelter from the weather.

Ealing Wildlife Group is involved in a number of conservation projects and is always keen to hear from anyone who would like to volunteer via