SANTA’S sleigh came down from the tower of Vanguard’s HQ beside the A40 at Park Royal on Twelfth Night (6).

It was replaced with a bright green van, to highlight the food redistribution charity, The Felix Project, which is supported by Vanguard. 

The tower is a London landmark, 55ft above one of the busiest commuter routes into the capital.  Memorable past displays there include a World War One tank, a Spitfire, a single-decker bus, an Aston Martin DB7 and Dr Who’s Tardis.

This site, which is not offered commercially, is a promotion opportunity given by Vanguard to The Felix Project.

Two electronic adverts at street level explain to drivers and passengers what Felix does and appeal for continued help and funding from volunteers, food companies, corporate sponsors and individuals to help feed London.  

You can check out the Felix Project here and Vanguard storage here.

Featured image credit: Nigel Howard @nigelhowardmedia