A TEAM of Year 11 students at Notting Hill & Ealing High School put their teachers to the bluff test in a variation of the TV show, Would I Lie To You?

The idea was to raise money for Women’s Aid, as part of their four-week fundraising focus which raised £1,424.

Two teams of teachers, one of which included headmaster, Matthew Shoults, faced each other. For a small donation, year groups were able to watch a pre-recording of the live show in their bubbles.

The fund-raising team also organised a Virtual Parents Quiz and packaged sweets with a warm message for sale to friends and colleagues.

Elina Mistry, one of the team said: “As a year group we decided to fund-raise for Women's Aid as we think it is an issue that has been particularly exacerbated by lockdown.”

Katie O’Connor, who runs the charities initiative at Notting Hill & Ealing, added: “They have raised a staggering amount of money and were not fazed by current restrictions at all.”