Ealing professor shares top tips for spreading happiness on World Kindness Day

AS lockdown continues to impact lives, an Ealing professor is helping make sure you take time to help yourself and others ahead of World Kindness Day today (13).

Dr Rowan Myron, Associate Professor in Healthcare Management and Adult Health at the University of West London, has shared her top tips to help you de-stress, step back and be kind to yourself.

Every choice can matter

We don’t know what other people are dealing with. A small action on our part can make a big impact on others, so think about small things you can do that would make a real difference to someone who needs a little help.

Kindness can be learned

The influence of parents and others is the way most children learn, but we can all learn at any stage of life - whether by observation or by deliberate focus to be more kind. Often this is about changing your mindset, to take note of the positive things around you.

Spread happiness

Research has shown that happy people become happier through kindness. We also see that carrying out random acts of kindness actually makes you feel a lot better.

Be kind to yourself

Get enough sleep, eat well and make some ‘me time’ to have a bath, read a book, or do something you love. Don’t fall into the habit of berating yourself for perceived mistakes.

Take a break

Give yourself a break and step away from social media. You will start to appreciate the benefits of taking some time for yourself.