A MOTHER-of-three from Northolt, who says she feels like an ugly version of herself after surgery to remove a brain tumour, is fighting back.

Sarah Kavanagh, 36, is encouraging others to join her in dressing up to boost self-esteem and mental health during lockdown.

She is determined to make the most of herself by carefully selecting outfits for 20 consecutive days. Her efforts have already raised more than £1,250 for the charity, Brain Tumour Research

Sarah said: “I am living with permanent disfigurement since having surgery to remove a brain tumour.

“Even though I had my surgery in 2018, it still takes a lot for me to look in the mirror. I don’t feel I am the person I was before. I am an ugly version.

“It has taken me a long time to learn to live with the scars and indentations in my head, even though time has passed and the scars have healed.

“I struggle finding the confidence to dress up, being especially conscious that my misshapen skull doesn’t show, but I tell myself that, with or without this disease, we all deserve to feel beautiful.”

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Sarah was diagnosed in 2018 after she had a seizure at home. Doctors thought she had suffered a stroke and gave her a CT scan followed by an MRI which led to her diagnosis.

She added: “For ten years, I suffered on and off with episodes like feeling I was about to

faint, shaking a lot and smelling phantom odours like gas and being afraid that something was about to explode.

“Every time I had a hospital appointment, I came away feeling like I was going mad. Eventually, a neurologist confirmed the tumour had been there for at least 10 years.”

She still lives with a remaining brain tumour as surgeons were unable to remove it all.

She is inviting friends and family to also dress up for her 20 for 20 challenge while adding a donation to her fund-raising page.


To join the 20 for 20 challenge, go to www.braintumourresearch.org/fundraise/20-for-20