A LOCAL referendum on the vexed subject of Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes is being suggested by Ealing Central and Acton MP Rupa Huq.

She was taking part in a Commons debate on the schemes, which are widespread across London.

She acknowledged the strength of views on both sides of the debate, adding that there had been successes in Ealing borough.

She named Bowes Road, Acton, which had previously been a cut-through to the A40 for Ubers and taxis  but is popular with residents, she said. 

But she also identified how a scheme in West Ealing had been less well received and said there was mistrust among constituents over the consultation process.

The debate engaged MPs that represent Streatham, Tower Hill, Enfield, Kensington, Ruislip, Barnet and Westminster.

Indeed, such was the popularity of the debate that Transport Minister Rachael Maclean ran out of time responding to Ms Huq’s questions. Instead, she offered her a meeting to raise the issues.

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The Ealing MP said: “LTNs were conceived with good intentions, reducing carbon emissions and obesity.

“They have been successful and popular with residents when addressing a pre-existing problem, such as in Bowes Road. 

“However, they have not worked where more problems are created than resolved, leaving residents continually feeling frustrated.

“There has been zero consultation and there are concerns and confusion over how they will be evaluated, prior to what most see as being made permanent given that authorities will be marking their own homework.”    

The final decision on LTNs will come six months after the start of each scheme.

Ealing received more than £1m to introduce ‘active travel’ projects with funding for 37 schemes.